The importance of Feedback! - Tailormade Meetings & Events

This is the feedback we gave to a hotel recently having staged a large event with them.  We take this kind of win / win approach take to all projects.  These kind of observations, if taken on board, will help the venue to be more in touch with the needs of the market.


  • Great overall product
  • Excellent service
  • Food and beverage standards excellent
  • Meeting facilities first class, well laid out, and good tech / lighting / standards
  • Registration area well laid out, and with luggage / cloak store nearby, very good
  • Bedrooms very good, comfortable, spacious, bathrooms excellent
  • Breakfast and lunch offer very good, extensive, fresh and good quality
  • Digital signage good

Constructive feedback

  • Be upfront about car parking, offer contingencies knowing the City would likely be full
  • App info / testing needs to be ready a lot further in advance
  • Offer option to recycle towels in bedrooms
  • Offer option not to get beds changed daily – some hotels give you a food / beverage credit in exchange if you do this)
  • Lack of bins in conference area
  • No option to recycle papers in conference area
  • Double glazing in bedrooms, still very noisy from street, particularly rooms on first floor with buses pulling in / away
  • Rotate the popcorn – lovely to have, but offer something different every other day
  • For repeating events, the snack breaks should be different
  • Snack item could include fresh fruit pieces (not whole fruit…?)
  • No sweets / mints in the conference rooms
  • Bathrooms in bedrooms were cold, no towel rails
  • No toilet brushes in public areas or bedrooms
  • Automatic doors in conference foyer area annoying – as super sensitive and kept opening randomly, making it very cold
  • “comp items” in mini bars not reflected in room (e.g. no jelly beans)
  • TV screens in break out rooms blew / turned off without notice
  • “conference call” buttons.  Didn’t seem to get an immediate response.  Personally, would prefer a phone / sms / whatsapp facility to confirm immediate receipt
  • Print out the login / passwords for the smart screens as an automatic system so that organiser doesn’t need to write it down

If we can help you with this is the kind of attention we give to all of our events that we help manage, do give us a call.

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