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Who was born in Kowloon, Hong Kong?

Answer – Chris Wilson! His parents lived over there when he was born

Which team member once had 24 hours in Melbourne but prioritised visiting the Neighbours set?

Answer – Jo Wilson! Definitely getting her priorities right, who wouldn’t want to see Erinsborough?!

Who almost tripped and swore down the microphone in church at their brothers wedding?

Answer – Caitlin Boylan! She was nervous before her reading but caught herself just in time…only the bridesmaids heard her!

Which member of the team has enjoyed eating Crocodile tail?

Answer Bill Williams! He has travelled around the world and sampled all sorts.

Who has ‘Attend Wrestlemania” on their bucket list?

Answer Josh Watola! For now he just has to make do with watching on the TV

Who has had to shelter from a hurricane named Dennis?

Answer Jacqui Crosby! She was in Cuba at the time and spent the night on the floor of a hotel in Havana

Which member of the team is really a Cockney?

Answer – Chris Barrett! As much as he loves York now he was born in Stepney (East London), and therefore by folklore I is a Cockney boy!

Who has taken a photography tour around Iceland?

Answer – Adrian Saker! Highlights included visiting the iceberg lagoon and whale watching. Lowlights would be eating buried, rotten, fermented dried shark…no wonder he is now a vegetarian!

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