How to get 100% of people to turn up - Tailormade Meetings & Events

How annoying, you look forward to all of your delegates coming, and for no reason, with no notice, some of them don’t turn up!

Here’s a few tips to stop it from happening.

  • Pick a non-competing date. Avoid holidays, school breaks, sporting occasions.
  • Pick a time that works. Consider the busy lives we lead. Can people turn up and still be free to deal with a family emergency?
  • Find a venue that psychologically is easy to get to. If the attendee is late, or, its inclement weather, the venue’s location could influence whether the delegate makes the journey or not, especially if they know parking’s a hassle.
  • Consider levying a charge. “FREE” events are important ways to drive attendance, but free also means it’s easy to not attend, with no personal implications.
  • Send an event confirmation. Get people to register in advance, and once they register, send a clear confirmation stating you will be expecting them, and places are limited.
  • 48 hour pre-event reminder. State we are looking forward to seeing you, and that places are limited and catering numbers are confirmed. You need to appeal to the attendee’s conscience.  Confirm that substitute names can be accepted and always confirm the “reasons for attending”.
  • Do a ring-round. A quick call to all of your attendees to confirm they will be attending. Treat it as a service call to confirm everything they need in advance, and details about parking etc… Again, you need to make them feel they don’t want to let you down.
  • Deliver a brilliant event, so that next time, your event will be the one that they know delivers a great return on their time.
  • Seek feedback.  Find out what people thought of your event, and incorporate their feedback into future events.

What other tips would you like to share?

If you don’t have time to do all of the above yourself, we’d love to help.

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