A new name... - Tailormade Meetings & Events
Tailormade Meetings and Events

You might have seen a slight amendment to our name, from Tailormade Conferences, to Tailormade Meetings & Events.

The change has been made to reflect the broad range of services we offer our expanding client list and the fact that we host events at our meeting venue in York.

Also, when out and about, the perception was that we only deal with the “big stuff”.  Actually, our main day to day activity is to support smaller business events.  Our largest event this year was for 100 people, many others have been for 10, 20 and 50 attendees.

Services are also much more than just “Conferences”.  Some of the tasks we have successfully managed and delivered this year have included:

  • Internal Training
  • Product Launches
  • Team building activities
  • Award Shows
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Workshops involving Telemarketing and the GDPR

These events have been in the UK, as well as in Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Spain and France.

Any feedback about the changes are gratefully received.  Rest assured, everything associated with Tailormade Conferences still works, so we won’t leave you having to update all of your address books and email settings.



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